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Welcome to Brimple, a writers and bloggers network that lets you connect with friends, post articles and blogs, and share personal information and photos. We offer a compilation of simple and efficient reference materials ranging from leisure, earning online, to user submitted DIY articles.
Connect with friends and other bloggers.
Each user is assigned with his/her own sub-domain with their respective username. With its customizable CSS, users are free to create and promote their profiles as they please.
Why not check our collection of flash games? Share your scores, compete with friends, and have fun playing. Visit 'My Apps' to browse our games in several categories, no membership is required to gain access.
Articles and Blogs
Gain instant web visibility.
Create an article or blog about your interests, about yourself, or even about any of your rants and raves.At Brimple, blogs are equipped with a customizable CSS, providing users with control over its design.

Activity Feed
The activity feed displays the most recent activities from the user's friends and from the entire network. Updates are easily hidden or filtered providing the user with full control over the displayed information.
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